What is a ticket?

The ticketing system is software that helps you streamline and manage your customer service. Ticketing allows you to continue conversations with your customers after they have left the chat by using email. 

In this article, we'll discuss some of the core elements of a ticket, the ticketing system, and how a ticketing email differs from a normal email.

Creating a ticket

There are several ways to create a ticket:

  • During a chat
  • From a previous chat in the messaging section of the Dashboard
  • From an offline message left by a visitor
  • From your Knowledge Base

You can even forward all your emails to tawk.to so each email you receive is added as a new ticket in your tawk.to messaging center.  

Learn how to set up ticket forwarding by following the steps in this article: Forwarding your emails to tawk.to

Ticket numbers 

When a ticket is created, a number is assigned. Then, each time the visitor or the customer service team responds the ticket is updated. This allows both parties to easily view the conversation history. They’ll be able to see what has happened since the ticket was created, and customer service teams will be able to identify issues quickly by requesting a ticket number.

Assigning a ticket

A ticket can be assigned to a specific agent or an entire department, depending on how you've structured your customer support. You can also tag an agent in a ticket to bring it to their attention.

Learn more about assigning tickets here: Creating and responding to tickets

Searching and status 

In addition to ticket numbering, there are other ways to make tickets easy to find when you need them. You can search tickets by agent. You can add a tag to a ticket at any point to help you find specific topics. You can also set a ticket to one of three statuses and search by status. A ticket is open, pending or closed based on the state of the ticket.

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Tickets make your workflow easier and add structure to your processes. When an agent responds to a ticket, they can even use shortcuts to make responses quicker and more uniform. 

Learn more about tickets in the tawk.to Help Center

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