Modifying chat widget greetings on iOS

With the mobile app, you can answer chats on the go, manage property settings, edit shortcuts and much more. The app is free and you can find it on the Apple app store by searching for

To change the greetings your widget uses, select the hamburger icon in the top left corner to open the menu.

Select Admin from the list to open the property selection menu.

Select the property for which you'd like to change the greetings.

Select Channels.

Select Default.

Select Widget Content.

When a visitor interacts with the chat widget on your site, the widget can be in one of three states: online, away or offline. In addition to customizing the Pre-Chat Form, you can customize the content for each of these three states.

When Online

This is what the visitor will see if they click on the chat widget when it's Online and you have agents ready to answer chats.

Each section in which a pencil icon appears can be rewritten and customized to your liking. Just click on the text you want to replace or click the pencil symbol at the end of the text to start editing.

When Away

Having your widget in Away mode lets your visitors know your agents may not be available to respond to their query. There are two customizable fields that can be changed, each indicated by the small pencil icon.

When Offline

When the chat widget is in Offline mode it will act as a form and ask visitors for contact information so you can get back to them at a suitable time. The content at the top of the widget can be customized just as in Online and Away modes by clicking the pencil icons.

You can also make changes to the information requested of the visitor by adding or removing text boxes. Each has a customizable name and an asterisk above the text box. If the asterisk is red, the field below is considered mandatory and the visitor can not leave a message for you without filling it out. If the asterisk is gray, the field is optional.

To add more fields to the Offline form, click the + (Plus) symbol in the top right corner then select a new field to add.

If you need to remove a field, just click on the trash can icon above the text box.

Pre-Chat Form

The Pre-Chat Form is optional. As soon as you select this option, you'll see a switch to enable or disable the form.

Pre-Chat Forms are used to gather more information from visitors before allowing them to enter the chat. They can also be handy to help qualify your visitors. Just be aware that enabling a Pre-Chat Form is likely to decrease the number of chats you receive from visitors on your site.

Just like the Offline form, the Pre-Chat Form can be customized in multiple ways. You can edit the text at the top of the chat window and also add customizable fields for visitors to fill out before they enter a chat by selecting the + (Plus) symbol in the top right corner then adding a new field.

Any information entered in the Pre-Chat Form will be displayed at the top of the chat once the answers have been submitted so the agent answering the chat will be able to begin the conversation with a head start.

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