Managing group chats

Group chats allow you to communicate with your teams without having to leave the Dashboard. This is a great place for discussing problems, sharing strategies and solutions, and alerting team members about ongoing chats, updates and announcements.

Managing multiple group chats

Both admins and agents can start and manage multiple group chats. In fact there is no limit to the number of group chats you can create at any one time. You can set up a group chat for each department in your business or each separate business. 

To learn how to create group chats, read this article: Creating a group chat

All of your group chats can be found on the left hand side of your Dashboard, under the Group Chats section.

Chat heading colors

Different colors will help you to identify what is happening in the group chat.

Dark Green — a group chat you’re currently viewing.

Pink — unread or newly created group chats.

Light green — a new message has been sent in a group chat you have opened.

You can also view multiple group chats at once by clicking on the chats in succession without ending them.

Adding members and editing group names

Once a group chat is created, any group member present in the chat can edit the group name, add members to the group chat, and leave the group whenever they want.

To add a new member, click the green icon at the bottom right corner of the page. Select the agent you want to add and click Invite. Remember that the agents must have a account and be associated with one of your properties or widgets in order to be a part of the group.

It is important to note that people can only see messages after they’ve been added to a chat. They will not be able to see any previously posted messages.

To edit the group name, click the white writing icon at the bottom right corner of the page. Input the new name and click Save. Keep in mind that the group name must be lowercase, alphanumeric and under 75 characters. The group name can contain hyphens (-) and underscores (_).

Leaving a group

To leave a group, click the red icon at the bottom right corner of the page. Click Yes, I want to leave this group, and you will no longer be a part of the group or the chat.

You can leave a group at any time, but you can’t remove team members from a group chat. Another option is to create a new group and continue your conversation there.

Leaving vs. ending a group chat

Once you leave a group, you will not have access to the group chat again unless you are re-invited to join the group by a member.

To close a group chat, go up to the tab on the top right corner of the page under your profile image and click the X. This will close the chat window and you can continue working in other parts of the Dashboard.

Popout chat feature

Next to the End button at the top of the group chat page, there is a button that says Popout Chat. When you pop the chat out, you will be able to see messages and participate in the group chat while accessing the rest of your Dashboard.

To view the chat in a smaller window, click Popout Chat, then click to another section on your Dashboard. The group chat will now appear at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Group chats let you talk to several groups of people at once via the Dashboard. You’ll be able to communicate effectively with your teams and streamline your workflow to better serve your customers. 

Note: If you remove an agent from the property, they will still appear in your group chats and/or direct messages. You will need to ask them to remove themselves from the group chat or, you and your team will have to create a new group chat.

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