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UPDATE: Magento ended its support and security maintenance for Magento Commerce 1 and Magento Open Source 1 in June 2020. We recommend upgrading to Magento 2. Learn how to install the tawk.to widget on Magento 2 here.

You can install the tawk.to widget on your Magento site in two main steps.

Step 1:

1. Download the extension installation files in GitHub.

2. Copy the contents of the app folder to <magento-installation-root-folder>/app.

3. Disable the Magento compilation feature via System > Tools > Compilations.

4. Clear the cache by going into System > Cache Management. Hit select all, select Refresh in the dropdown menu and click Submit.

Hit Select All, select Refresh in the dropdown menu and click Submit.

5. Re-log in to the Admin dashboard.

NOTE: Make sure to re-enable compilation if you had it enabled before.

Step 2:

Once you’ve completed the installation, a new menu called Tawk.to widget menu will appear.

To add the widget to your site, go to Tawk.to Widget > Choose Widget, where you will see all the widgets from your connected property. You will be able to select one widget per store.

Now clean your Magento cache and you’re done!

Alternative installation method:

1. Go to your Magento Admin panel

2. Go to CMS/Static Block and create a new block

3. In the newly created block, paste the widget embed code, which you can get from the tawk.to Admin panel. If you have multiple properties, check to make sure you're currently viewing the correct one by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard.

4. Add this block in the correct layout.xml file and be sure it’s right before the closing </body> tag.

5. Now clean your Magento cache.

Pro tip – multi-language widget

If you have set up Magento so each language has its own store, you can use the tawk.to widget to set up multi-language options for your site.

Just as each language needs its own store view in Magento, each language requires its own widget for tawk.to. Remember, one Property can have multiple widgets. 

Go to the ⚙️Administration panel of the tawk.to Dashboard.

Under Channels, select Chat Widget. Then click the green +Add Widget button in the upper right to add another widget.

Change each widget’s language and add it to your store. 

It’s that simple. More detailed instructions can be found here.

That’s it! The widget will now appear on all pages of your Magento 1 site.

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