Helping other agents with whispers

Sometimes when answering a chat, a tricky question may come your way. With the Whisper function, agents can chat with each other without the visitor ever seeing the conversation. Whispers are super helpful for training new agents or just general troubleshooting.

To Whisper to another agent, select the chat as though you were going to answer it normally by selecting it in either the sidebar or the Inbox section.

Now, rather than joining the chat, select Whisper to start a private conversation with the agent who's already answered the incoming chat.

This will change the text box at the bottom to orange.

Now anything you type and send to the chat will only be visible by agents within the chat.

Any agent in the chat can also answer you by selecting the Whisper function, allowing you to communicate without the visitor seeing. All conversations in the orange text box are invisible to the visitor.

Once the chat is over and it's turned into a Message, the Whispers will still be there so you can see the full conversation that took place.

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