How do timestamps work?

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Timestamps are helpful when reviewing the transcript of your conversation with your customer. When referring back to the chat, you can easily figure out when the chat happened and identify specific messages based on their timestamp.

The clock for both chat and ticket timestamps is set using the 24-hour clock. This means that instead of seeing 2:05 pm on a chat, you will see 14:05. Using the 24-hour clock helps avoid confusion between morning hours and evening hours, especially if your visitor is in a different time zone.


When looking at records of past chats, all timestamps listed in your visitor’s chat history will be based on the time zone of your Dashboard


Time stamps for tickets are shown in your local time zone.

Closed tickets are time stamped based on the time you processed them in your time zone.

Can you set your time zone?

Your time zone in the Dashboard is set based on the time zone of your computer.

Your time zone will only change based on where you are located. If you move across time zones, your computer should automatically adjust to the timezone. This will automatically change your timezone in your Dashboard.

If you manually change the time on your computer, the time zone in the Dashboard will change.

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