Domain restriction and cross-domain session sharing

Shane Wall

Last Update 5 months ago

By default, the chat widget code will work on all domains where it has been inserted. You can, however, set specific domains to be restricted. That means you can stop the widget from showing on certain pages.

To set the domain restrictions, make your way to the Administration section of the Dashboard by clicking the cog in the bottom left corner. Then select Chat Widget from the Channels list.

If you have multiple properties, make sure to check that you're currently viewing the correct one by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard.

Scroll down to the Availability Restriction section and click Configure to open a new window and gain access to the Availability Restriction page where you can specify the domains you want to restrict.

Enabling Domain Restriction by switching it on will give you two new options for restricted domains.

If you only want the widget to be shown on a small number of domains, use the SHOW widget only on specific domains and/or urls option and simply add the domains on which you want the chat widget to be available. Click the + Add Another button to include more sites where the widget will show up.

If you'd rather have the widget available on most of your website with a few exceptions, use the HIDE widget on specific domains and/or urls option and add the domains you want to hide the widget on. Click the + Add Another button to include more sites the widget won't show up on.

To make these changes live, be sure to click the green Save button in the bottom right corner once you're happy with what you've set up.

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