Creating a group chat

Group chats allow you to chat with more than one agent in the same conversation. They can be great places for discussing problems, strategies, and solutions or used to share updates and announcements within a team.

To start a new group chat thread, click the + (plus) symbol on the left sidebar next to the Groups heading.

Now just select the Property and Agents you want to start a conversation with from the list or search through the agents to find the ones you're after.

Now give the new group chat a name and click the green Create button.

Note: The group name must be lowercase, alphanumeric and can contain hyphens (-) and underscores (_).

The new group chat window will then open and all of the invited agents will see in their dashboard that a new Group message has been sent to them.

If you need to navigate back to the thread later, you can just select it from the sidebar.

Note: If you remove an agent from the property, they will still appear in your group chats and/or direct messages. You will need to ask them to remove themselves from the group chat or you and your team will have to create a new group chat.

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